Hadlow Rural Community


Full, approved uniform is to be worn to, from and in school and whenever a student is representing the school on visits, in matches or in examinations. Pupils and parents are expected to support the school policy on uniform, which can make a major contribution to the school’s reputation, and to adhere precisely to the colours, materials and styles stated. Please click the link below for the full uniform list.

Uniform list

Simmonds is our registered suppplier of uniform.


On the first Monday afternoon of every month there is a second hand school uniform sale whereby good quality second hand uniform is on display in the foyer and can be purchased (unfortunately we can only accept cash payments).  If you are not able to attend the sale, please do not hesitate to contact the school office who will be able to help with any enquiries.


 A watch and 1 pair of stud earrings – 1 plain stud in the lower lobe of each ear (no hoops). No other jewellery will be permitted.

 Hair Styles

Hair must be worn in a style, which, in the judgement of the School, is appropriate for a formal uniform situation. An unnatural striking appearance, which may be considered suitable for social occasions, is inappropriate for the School.

  • Haircuts must be no shorter than a No: 3
  • Hairstyles longer than shoulder length must be tied up, not obscuring the face
  • Shaved patterns, undercuts, extensive braiding* or beading are not acceptable
  • Unnatural/extremes of colour, for example those caused through dyeing or bleaching are not acceptable  Styles with coloured streaks, patterns or two-tones are not acceptable.

*In a few cases and because of hair type and cultural status, functional braiding may be appropriate. However, advice must be sought in advance of styling since it will not be allowed unless there is an agreement with the School in advance. In addition, for health and safety reasons students with long hair will be requested to tightly tie hair back, using a plain hair band (no other hair accessories are permitted). Hair should remain tied back and tidy at all times and should not obscure the face.

Boys should attend the School clean shaven.


 Make-up must not be worn and will be confiscated if found

  • No nail polish or false nails
  • No false eyelashes
  • Students will be required to remove any make up worn in School.